A little background.   Well, first what I am not!  I do not have a background in law enforcement or the military.

I am a grandmother of 5 who has a passion for the shooting sports and who also loves to teach.  I have been shooting for a long time!!  I am an NRA Certified instructor in Basic Pistol, Firearms Safety in the Home, First Steps for the brand new shooter, Refuse To Be A Victim and an NRA/USA Shooting/CMP/Shotgun Coach.  I have been teaching these disciplines for over 20 years.  I also have been teaching Arizona Concealed Carry Classes for over 20 years.

My mission as instructor, is give you the knowledge you need to be to be safe with firearms.  And with the Concealed carry classes to give you the knowledge not only to be safe, but to give the legal issues to help keep you on the right side of the law.

Dian Valencic
Wickenburg, AZ
Phone: 866 933-2230
Email dian@freedomwoksusa.us

Teaching knowledge, skills, & Attitude