Concealed Carry Information

What does having a Concealed Carry Permit mean?

So your permit allows you to carry a concealed weapon.  Now what!

If for any reason you use your firearm, there are approximately 97,000 plus laws regarding firearms!! And you will be held accountable for your actions.  Whether you fire your firearm or not.

Also each state has there own laws regarding carrying a concealed weapon.

After 20 years, I can say that 90% of the students what to carry for self defense.  There are a few who what the permit so that can have a firearm in there vehicle and when they travel.

These are a few of the things your need to consider if you plan on carrying a firearm for self defense:

  • What kind of firearm are you going to carry and how are you going to carry it?
    Remember your life is depending on it!
  • Are you willing to invest the time and money into training?
    This needs to be professional training.  First, basic firearms training and progressing to self defense training.  And training is ongoing!
  • And practice, practice, and practice more!!

All it takes is a single incident of oversight, sloppy gun handling, or lousy gear and you can find yourself without a permit at best and in jail at worst.  And heaven help you if you have a negligent discharge or pull your gun without proper legal justification.  Make those mistakes and you may end up in prison!

Final note, if you have a firearm for self defense, take a good Concealed Carry Class.  You may find Concealed Carry classes online or 2 or 3 hour classes.   You are cheating yourself if you take a short cut. Carrying a firearm for self defense, it is a seriously responsibility.  In 20 years of teaching the Concealed Carry classes in Arizona, I guarantee you, not one student had no idea about the topics covered in class.  Not One!!   Knowledge is imperative.





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